Tradition dictates that bios are written in the third person but don’t be fooled, I wrote this myself. Okay, here it is

Brief Bio:
Douglas Davey is the author of the teen novels M in the Abstract and Switch, both published by Red Deer Press. He has Bachelors degrees in both Art and Education, and a Masters in Library Science. He works as a Children’s and Youth Services Librarian. He has played guitar for many years, most notably with a long-running Joy Division cover band. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.


Full Bio:
Douglas Davey was born in Kingston, Ontario on May 15th, 1971, a particularly depressing time to be a child. He was raised and schooled outside of Battersea, Ontario, Canada, a small village north of Kingston.

As a young person, he could never imagine being an adult and therefore had no particular ambition to be anything, although ‘comic book creator’ or ‘independently wealthy layabout’ would have been high on his list, had he bothered to make one. That being said, he’s been writing and illustrating fiction his whole life.

He attended the University of Guelph, studying fine art, drama and the limits of acceptable behaviour. He missed a lot of classes. He then went on to the University of Western Ontario where he earned a teaching degree. A lifelong lover of libraries, he spent several years working at the Guelph Public Library. While doing so, he returned to UWO to earn a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. He now works as the Children’s and Youth Services Librarian at the Halton Hills Public Library, serving Georgetown, Acton and the surrounding area.

He collects the worthless detritus of his childhood, such as antiquated video games and poorly-constructed movie memorabilia. It’s all in his basement, somewhere.

Despite a dearth of innate skill or formal training, Douglas has been playing various kinds of guitars for twenty five years. For many years, he played guitar in Deutsche Vision, a surprisingly entertaining Joy Division cover band. While they’re on hiatus at the moment, he still performs live now and then with the almost-all-girl punk rock cover band The Bleeders.

His first book, M in the Abstract, came out in 2013. His follow up, Switch, hit shelves in November 2014.

He is currently working on a number of writing projects, including another teen novel entitled Undertaking, a collection of short stories for teens, and a graphic novel.

He lives with his family in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.