Speaking Engagements

“I wish I had him for a teacher!”
“Very great presentation, wonderful advice, and full of humour”
“Hilarious and extremely interesting!”
“Made intricate material very fun and informative”
“Will keep me learning and practicing for a long time”

That is some of the feedback I’ve received on my speaking engagements ūüôā

General Information

What happens during a visit is very flexible. Typically it includes a presentation and a reading, but it can also include a writing workshop, one-on-one sessions*, or more.

My presentation can include some or all of the following: my bio, background on a given book, a reading, a description of the writing process, interactive questions for the audience, suggestions for budding authors, writing advice, and a Q&A.

My speaker’s fee is negotiable, dependent upon the nature of the institution, what happens during the visit, travel time, etc. A typical session is $250, but I offer Guelph area institutions¬†a special discount.

Go to my Contact page to drop me a line.

Note: I am sometimes able to review short (one page) pieces of student writing prior to or during the visit, and then share my thoughts with the writers.

School, library, and GSA
One thing that sets my visits apart is that I like to bring the young people¬†forward and have them become part of the presentation. I have my own fake talk show with the abominable name of “Chit Chat.” I even have my own fake talk show theme song, although it’s not abominable at all.

Adult Instruction
I can lecture on different topics, such as ‘Helping Readers Become Writers’ or ‘Creating Authentic Dialogue.’