L;fe Matters, Georgetown

Today I participated in a massive mental health day at Georgetown District High School, in Georgetown, Ontario. Wow. An entire school (and its feeder schools) taken over to support mental health. The world sure has come a long way from the days when the school sick room was basically a mental health oubliette.

The room I was in was right beside the parking lot, and so my attendees were treated to the thumping beats of DeadMau5, who was there in person. The kids were excited to the point of distraction by his presence; I tried not to take it personally. Check out his Space Invaders-themed McLaren, he made a good show of revving it for the crowd.


As I walked away from the crowd of participants, I took this shot of of smouldering sky over the sports field. The iPhone camera can’t really capture the ominous detail, but you get the picture. Looks like an album cover.


On a final note, reviews were mixed on my stripes and checks combo. I thought it looked fine, but feel free to add in your own two cents.