Switch Pride 2016

I’m very happy to see that Switch has popped up in a bunch of places this Pride season. The Children’s Book Centre listed Switch as one of its books to read for Pride 2016.

My local bookstore, The Bookshelf, had it up for a pride display. The Bookshelf is where both M in the Abstract and Switch were launched there. Please pardon the crapulence of the picture, I was walking down the street late at night when I took it. I love the fact that I’m on the top shelf and below me is some nobody named Virginia Woolf.

switch at the bookshelf

In a related fab move, my publisher gave away copies of Switch to lucky readers for Pride! It’s too late to get in on it, but I wanted to thank them for doing it. 682 people entered, but only 20 lucky folks took home the prize.

UPDATE: A friend sent me this from Book City in Toronto:

switch at book city