M in the Abstract



M in the Abstract
January 2013
Red Deer Press / Fitzhenry and Whiteside.

From the back cover:
“M is for Mary, a girl haunted from within by mysterious dark shadows. This secret has cut M off from the world around her, yet it is a secret she must keep at any cost. But when events threaten to crack open her self-imposed armor, Mary starts to question the very thing that has burdened her for so long. In the face of uncertainty, she must know learn how to use the power of the shadows for herself.

Filled with insight, vivid dialogue, and splashes of humor, M in the Abstract is a compelling teen novel of isolation, family, friendship and, ultimately, self-acceptance.”

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I have many people to thank in getting this book out there. First and foremost is W., whose pragmatic encouragement never let my neuroses get the better of me. Kristyn D. for her guidance. Amanda S. for lending me her expertise and her eye. Steve L. for his football elucidation. Cheryl M. for ‘loaning’ me her apartment. Peter C. and Richard D. from Red Deer for taking a chance. Big thanks to Kathy S. for her hard work in taking off the rough (very rough) edges. Thanks also to the folks at Fitzhenry and Whiteside: Uma S. for the final polish (and reassurance) and Cheryl C. for her promotional assistance. Rowan, too! And of course friends and family. Secret thanks to L.B.

You’re all beautiful babies!