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November, 2014
Red Deer Press / Fitzhenry and Whiteside.

From the back cover: “Sheldon Bates wants to share his story — the story of what it was like when he was seventeen. Sheldon was an ordinary high school student until he started noticing something changing about himself. It was then that Sheldon started feeling the same way about boys that he did about girls. It was at seventeen that Sheldon desperately tried to figure out the truth and accept the fact of his bisexuality. And trying to find someone to talk to brought its own set of complications — especially when he found himself at the centre of a scandal that he was ill-equipped to handle. But he also discovered he was not alone and that he would survive his seventeenth year.”

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Thanks: I can’t begin to properly thank all of the people who deserve a proper thanks for the creation of this book. Thanks to W, of course and again, for all the support and reading (and re-reading, and re-re-reading, ad nauseum). Huge thanks to Kathy S for her ear, her eye, and her oft-stained shoulder. Sincere thanks to Peter C for his faith. Big thanks to Richard D and all the staff at Red Deer. Mega thanks To Cheryl M and Alison G for volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks to Marnie E and Becca C for some last-minute fact-checking re: lesbian vegetarian dinners, circa 1988. And, finally, thanks to my family, friends, and co-workers for their ongoing encouragement.